My Excel training method

Everyone learns in different ways and has different preferences with learning new things.

My training can be tailored to your exact needs and at your own pace, whether it be a whole day to get really in the Excel zone or just an hour here or there on specific functions. It can be totally personalised to refresh you on things you might not have used for a while, or brand new ways of working with Excel to get to the solution you need.

Along the way we may find we deviate from the original plan we had as you discover other aspects you feel would be really useful or feel a bit rusty on which is absolutely no problem at all, I am here for your training needs wherever that may take us!

I personally always find it most useful to learn how to do something with a task that is relevant for me. Theory and dummy data is certainly helpful for trying things out, but it is sometimes not quite so easy to then transfer what you have learnt to your real-life conundrum.

I am more than happy to sit down with you in front of your computer and the particular problem or task you are trying to conquer and tackle it with you. This can help empower you more and give you the confidence to use what you have learned in any future scenarios.

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