Policies & Procedures and Admin

Policies & Procedures

Nobody like endless amounts of paperwork and red-tape and you don’t want to bombard yourself or your staff with head-spinning rules and processes. But equally as your business grows you need to build in standard ways of doing things, particularly if you employ staff, as it means everyone will approach things consistently in the way you would like it to function.

The starting point is to identify the key aspects of your business processes and document them. This then facilitates improving them too.

I can help you through all or any part of this process by getting to know your business and understanding how it works to identify key procedures that should be in place. We can then work together to look more objectively at each area and seek to make improvements where they might be necessary.

One of the more interesting aspects as well can be not only looking at what is required now, but future-proofing for where you are aiming to take your business in the coming years.


Administration tools

Basic administration is one of the first things you might seek to put in place with your business when you start to employ staff.

It needn’t be a complicated or convoluted experience as we can work together to set up holiday and sickness trackers, document job roles, tasks and responsibilities, and any other types of admin records you feel you need to run your business effectively.

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