Systems, Policies & Procedures

The creativity and entrepreneurship at business start-up often just requires more simplified ways to capture information about clients, suppliers, advertising etc. but I have seen examples where after 5 or 10 years in business things start to either plateau in terms of growth or businesses over-stretch themselves and suffer accordingly because they didn’t have the methods to either record or analyse their business data in a way that could help them drive forward.

When you look at some of the products big businesses use, the costs associated with bringing in a system can cause many raised eyebrows, but there are inexpensive off-the-shelf packages that can offer smaller businesses lots of added benefits to analyse;

  • Cash
  • Costs
  • Clients
  • Stock movements
  • Product/Service sales (best/worst sellers)
  • Margin analysis
  • Pricing levels
  • Target markets
  • Advertising success
  • Resource requirements (staffing, equipment etc.)

It’s the ability to enable and empower a business to develop through this type of analysis that really does excite me, the possibilities and opportunities can go as far as our imagination allows!

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